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Jul. 24th, 2005 | 09:26 pm

Kira layed on the ground in the forest. She was completely out of it, knocked out to the world. On account of Lyr taking away the flashbacks, she was just left in a deep deep sleep.

Her little wings wrapped around her small body, in the midst of some leaves. The loud roaring sound still around her didn't wake her up.

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Jul. 10th, 2005 | 06:44 pm

Kira was already up and ready to see what else was in this intresting place. Her door was marked, with a big smiley face, corny but it works.

She jumped out, brushing her little wings as she did, and then tossed the brush into the room, shutting the door and flying off towards the mangled treetops. Kira stretched her wings out as she flew.

"Finally, some sort of release after all of this hectic confusion"

The wind felt nice up against her. A feeling she hadn't experienced in ages actually. Within in the first couple days she had grown more accustomed to this place, and figured if she didn't explore and know it all, how could she ever call it home. A slight laugh could be heard as she dove back down threw the treetops and onto the ground. The leaves were reddened with blood, but that didn't occur to her. Kira wasn't looking for stuff like that, she was just looking to confirm the place exisited. And maybe find something really cool.

Slowly she skipped through the forest, giving off a happy aura to everything around her. She hummed some in a sweet high pitch, enough to make you want to sleep. She came across a tree that had fallen. She stopped humming, checked it for signs of any suspicious activity, but cleared it and then headed back up the path humming again.

"There's nothing intresting here.." She said lightly as she kept going on. She had found nothing to keep her intrest, but she thought that maybe continuing would spring something intresting.

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Jul. 5th, 2005 | 05:50 pm

Waking up, she picked up the bunny and walked out of the room, going around to see what this place was all about.

Kira wasn't sure to be shocked, excited, or not so she brought her newly aquired bunny for comfort. Stupid and childish nonetheless, but some sort of a comfort, the only one she had. 15 years old with a bunny, how pathetic.

"Well...this place is sort of intresting."

She came upon a few doors, not knowing which she should open and which she should keep closed. Trying not to break any rules she didn't know of, she didn't enter any room except hers. She cussed lightly.

"Shit..I forget which one is mine."

She looked at the doors, gaziing some, wondering which one to try first. She brought a hand out to open the door, but jumped back some, not opening it. She held the bunny, stupidly,hoping no one would see her and walked outside, sitting on a rock.

"Guess I just gotta wait..and figure it out, somehow."

She petted the stuffed bunny's fur, keeping it down and looked around quietly.

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Jul. 4th, 2005 | 11:24 pm

Kira slept peacefully for the first couple hours of the night, but after that, she was a nervous wreck.

She woke up to a vicious dream, she had returned back to her family and was criticized, and beaten. She sat up straight and looked around.

"Maybe this place isn't so bad..." Kira said quietly to herself. She took out a journal from her bag of belongings her dad had put on the boat with her, and grabbed a pen starting to write.

** I've found a new place, or rather been directed to a new one. I can't quite remeber the name, Cassesium,I think. Nonetheless I met two nice people who said I belong here. Maybe I do, hey maybe this place isn't so bad. If it avoids the beatings I guess it can't be all that bad.

Though coming here randomly on a boat kind of confused me some. I miss my mom, I definitely do. I know I won't ever see her again, I just hope she knows I cared about her. I hope she doesn't get too hurt. But that's out of my hands and not my worry. I know it's bad to think like that, but I guess it's all the options I have left.

No one seemed to criticize me for being a faerie either. Kind of made me feel wanted, and accepted for once in my life. I could really get used to this, I really can.

This is'll be good for me. A new chance to start over and forget the past, and turn out semi-normal. Naw, not even "semi-normal" NORMAL. I want to be Normal. I will be normal.

--Random Drawings and sketches of the scenery--- **/end of journal entry.

Kira set the journal down next to her and looked up into the sky, enjoying the view. She started to smile, wait, no, she started to grin from ear to ear.

"I'm gonna like this place.."

She laughed slightly and just stared sleeplessly at the sky.

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What ahppened and how she got there.

Jul. 4th, 2005 | 03:29 pm

It was one of the last fights Kira got to see, endure and even acknowledge of.

It was a quarter past midnight, and Kira was snug in her bed when she heard a rather loud crash downstairs. Running as fast as she could, she couldn't believe her eyes at all when she saw her father had tipped over the brand new china cabinet. Bits and pieces of the plates were scattered everywhere, and her mother looked to Kira from the doorway of the kitchen.

"KIRA! Go to sleep! NOW!" She screamed furiously, pointing her back to the direction she came from.

..but Kira didn't go. She looked to her father with rage, and than back at her mother, who had finally given up on screaming at Kira and had turned focal point to her father.

"I want you out of this house..." But her mother was cut off abruptly to the sound of a slap, direct skin on skin contact. She held her face while her husband looked to Kira, stepping towards her and gripping her shoulders, screaming in her face.

"Your mother gave you a direct order young lady! NOW MARCH ON UPSTAIRS!" His hands shook her, but Kira just looked at him blankly. After a few seconds, her disobedience had earnered her a place against the wall. He had whipped her into the dining room wall, and she slid down slowly, looking at him. Her mother screamed.

The countless screams from her mother didn't make what Kira recieved any better, hit after hit, punch after punch it got worse and worse, until Kira passed out cold on the dining room floor, battered and bloody. Her father packed her a bag quickly, set her in the little river boat they had, and pushed her off to make it look as if she had run away. He didn't care.

He was cold, and ruthless, and had no compassion left in his soul.

Kira's boat floated on for a day or so with the fierce wind, until it finally reached land. Kira's small, bruised body layed in the bottom of the boat, embanking on the shores of the island. She opened her eyes some, groaning weakly, and looked around.

"Where am I?"

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